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About Us

Passion for Design, Clean Energy, Environment, Style and People: Water Fireplaces is a family run business with passion for design, clean energy, environment, style, people, reputation and longevity. Water and Fire are one of the Most Beautiful Components of Nature. They say "Water and Fire Do Not Mix". Well..... What if it is possible to show fire through water? The view would be unbelievable, it is mesmerizing, it is beautiful, charming, comforting, safe for you and environment and much more... In fact, it is possible. 

WaterFireplaces.Com™ started from our personal search for perfect electric fireplace for our own home and most realistic electric fireplace available. We wanted something that looks modern, cool style, high quality, easy to install, safe for our children, safe for environment and fire looked as close as possible to the natural fire.

As time went we found Water Vapor Fireplace. Combining water and fire to create fame... what can be better? These are one of the most beautiful components of nature. Water Vapor Fireplace has everything we wanted. What we found that very few people, builders, designers, architects etc knew that they even existed. 

That is how WaterFireplaces.Com started to help people save weeks or months of research and frustration that we have experienced ourselves. We strive to deliver to our customers only the very best quality Water Vapor Electric Fireplace products from the best brands at competitive prices in the USA. We are constantly researching and studying new water vapor brands and their products in order to bring the best to you – the customer.

Every customer is important to us! Each member of our team is here to ensure that you have an outstanding buying experience with WaterFireplaces.Com. Today our love and passion for Design, Clean Energy, Environment, Style and People fuels our company. We stand behind every brand we represent and strive to deliver the best possible customer experience we can. 

Yours Truly, Founders